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Gift Cards.

Available both as e-cards or as traditional paper vouchers, this is such a wonderful gift option. 

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£40 - 1 x 45-min treatment

£60 - 1 x 90-min Relax & Reset  consultation (inc. 45-min treatment)

£60 - 1 x 90-min Well Woman's  consultation (inc. 45-min treatment)

£80 - 2 x 45-min treatments

£140 - 1 x 90-min initial consultation plus
2 x 45-min treatments

£340 - Relax & Reset/Well Woman's Package
inc. 1 x 90-min initial consultation plus 7 x 45-min treatments
Gift Voucher for Ruth's Reflexology

Prefer a traditional, tangible gift voucher? No problem! Drop me a line.

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